About CatTrick Band

CatTrick Band was initiated by Texas singer/songwriter Felicito Guerrero Jr. in 2019, which evolved into the current collaboration with New Zealand singer/songwriter Stanley Bellgard. CatTrick Band's original songs uniquely blend classic progressive rock, Americana, and folk-rock; their songs evoke John Denver with a dark side, Gordon Lightfoot singing about New Zealand, or Texas two-stepping to the Moody Blues. CatTrick Band feels and writes original music arising from their cross-cultural and trans-Pacific Ocean friendship. 


Felicito grew up during the environmental movement of the 70s, as a fan of progressive rock bands such as the Moody Blues, Yes, and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Then his discovery of the Texas progressive music scene, rich with talented songwriters such as Michael Murphey, Townes Van Zandt, and Willie Nelson, took him in a new musical direction. He lives near Austin, Texas, USA and is a prolific songwriter, plays various instruments, and is the band's primary vocalist. 

Stan had life experiences blending Indian, Australian and New Zealand cultures, leading him to the blues tradition of writing and playing bottleneck slide and busking on street corners. Stan is a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist and lives in New Zealand and Felicito is a frequent visitor to that inspiring country. 

Felicito and Stan have interests in science and nature. Interestingly, both have internationally recognized scientific careers; Stan for his studies of diseases of ancient forest trees in New Zealand and Felicito for vaccine and genetic research in the US, Brazil, and New Zealand. Stan continues his day job, while Felicito has been 100% devoted to the Muse for several years. 


CatTrick Band's debut release was their single Arise, Ye Sons and Daughters, released in November 2020. They followed with their singles Wood and Steel in December, and The River Flows On in January 2021.Their debut CD, The River Flows On, was released in January 2021 and contains 13 original songs about nature, hobbits, mountains, rivers, love, New Zealand, Texas, and resistance to the rise of -isms that are a fundamental threat to our freedom as humans and existence as a species. 

They are busy writing songs together for their follow up CD for fall of 2021.

Stan and Felicito