Stan and I were deep into a discussion of Tolkien's classic The Silmarillion, placing the Dark Elf Eöl into the mix with other Elves. Suddenly, Stan wonders aloud why there weren't dark hobbits. We pondered what would be the most devious act that a hobbit could do, something deep and dark done only in the most secret parts of his hobbit hole. Something abhorrent, such that even Sauron would consider beyond disgust………..

Stan and I had the guitars and tequila out late one night, and he began telling a story. He was hitchhiking in Saskatchewan to a farm where he had been hired to pick lentils. A pretty woman with a beautiful smile named Sue from Saskatoon stopped to give him a ride to Moose Jaw. What happened between Saskatoon and Moose Jaw remains in secrecy, and some of the recollection was clouded by the tequila. But we put that summer adventure and memories into song!

I always love a roadtrip, viewing the highway as a route to new adventures. Sometimes the highway takes you away from someone you wish could come with you. That can make the highway become bittersweet and I end up on the fastest most direct route back, pushing the speed limit.

We are also standing on the edge of global disaster. We are quickly making the climate of our Mother Earth inhospitable to human life. The best scientists in the world just issued a report that says we have less than 10 years to either stop using fossil fuels or face a future of global crop failures, drinking water shortages, frequent extreme weather events, and unbearable heat. Come on people now! Fix it! Do it! Let's not go the route of the dinosaurs!

The mountains of Colorado have always been an inspiration for me. I spent a week at Williams Creek campground outside Pagosa Springs with my guitar and Siberian Husky, and this song resulted. By the way, I didn't really care about the game, but I REALLY wanted my music tapes back.

Trying to make sense of relationships can sometimes be overwhelming, like you have just been buried by a snow avalanche. You get frantic trying to dig yourself out, reminding yourself to keep breathing, and to let go of the guilt that can keep you immersed in the grief.

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